Victor HHS 1889-1890

I always prefer high quality pictures, but in this case I make an exception: no better pics available. This rare solid tyre Victor was the second model safety built by the Overman Wheel Company.
Their first model (1887) was a cross frame, and it already featured the Victor spring fork, in its earliest form.
This second model was introduced in 1888, using  a frame that was clearly inspired by the Rover and the CMC Swift.
In 1889 that bike got hollow rims, and the bike on the pictures clearly has them - in a badly rusted shape. As far as I know the model was built without changes in 1890.
1891 was the introduction year of the Overman cushion tyre, please look at the 1892 Victor safety bicycle for that one.

This bike was sold in 2011 on Enjoy all marvellous details! What a great and modern bike in 1889 - ball head, tangent spokes, Half Heart Suspension (HHS). And I love the spade grips, which were absolutely en vogue in the USA on the highwheels.
  Most of the above information
was taken from the book
'Collecting and Restoring
Antique Bicycles' by
G. Donald Adams